Sclerotherapy - Varicose Veins Treatment

Most females are very conscious with their legs as almost everyone wants to feel beautiful in a short dress especially on special occasions; which is why they try to avoid acquiring varicose veins and spider veins by elevating or moving their legs and by wearing compression or support socks or stockings. Unfortunately, varicose veins and spider veins are almost inevitable as these veins can be hereditary through a history of blood clots or can be caused by obesity, hormonal influences during pregnancy, post-menopausal hormonal replacement as well as occupations or regular activities that involve a lot of standing and walking.

Dr. Enrico C. Valera, M.D., FPAPRAS, who specializes in a variety aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery, can give you Sclerotherapy which involves injecting a substance-either liquid or foam-into the veins to scar and close them. This procedure is a relatively low-cost treatment than laser therapy but still proves to be effective as most patients see favorable results after only one treatment.

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