"I went to Dr. Valera the first time and he quickly put me at ease when he gave me the details of my Top Surgery Post-Op questions and answered them all.

Thank you Dr. Valera and your team for the excellent care -- very pleased with the result.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Valera for your Top Surgery choice. I'm happy 9 months post op to date!"


- GJ


“After excision of a cyst on my right cheek, the scar was very noticeable. This made me lose confidence. I had it revised by another surgeon but the scar was still noticeable when I smile. Dr. Enrico C. Valera revised the scar with very minimal incision and did fat grafting. Except for the initial redness of the scar, I gained back my confidence especially when I smile.”

- Daryl


“When I had Breast Augmentation surgery with Dr. Enrico C. Valera no one ever knew that I had one. My breasts looked so natural, my friends could not believe that I had them enhanced. Now, my friends are happy I referred them to Dr. Valera.”

- Marjorie


“I suffered a bad cut on my upper lip during a basketball game. According to Dr. Valera, my tooth cut the tissues through-aid-through; but Dr. Valera repaired my upper lip cut very well and now the cut I suffered is not noticeable.”


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